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Quotes And Verses For Cards And Occasions

When it comes to a special occasion it's always a chance to express yourself, and let the person celebrating know just what they mean to you. And that chance comes with the greeting card messages we scribble in earnest.

Thing is, how many times when it comes to choosing suitable verses for cards do we go blank. Our mind and emotions fail us and we opt for generic greeting card sayings that are basically the same as those pre-printed on the inside of the card?! No longer does this have to be the case.

Here at Find Me A Gift we've collated a host of quotes and verses for cards that will help you say what you really want to. These card verses can be used as they are or altered as you see fit to suit the person and occasion you're celebrating. Even if they just offer inspiration, with our greeting card messages you'll be able to add something a little special to your well wishes!