How big would Santa's sleigh have to be

We've visualised in pixels exactly how big Santa's sleigh would have to be to deliver 1.9 billion small presents, one to each child on the planet

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Seasons greetings from Find Me a Gift! If, like us, you're feeling well and truly in the holiday spirit, you'll have started to ponder some essential Yuletide questions.

How many elves are there at the North Pole? What does Rudolph the reindeer do the other 364 days in the year? And most importantly, how long is Santa's sleigh?

Whilst we can't help you with the first two, we've done some crucial calculations and found out just how long Father Christmas's sleigh needs to be in order to deliver one present to each of the 1.9 billion children currently residing on planet Earth.

Of course, everyone knows that the sleigh is powered by Christmas magic and red-nosed reindeer, but if you've ever wondered its actual length your wish is about to be answered. Click on the image of Jolly Old Saint Nick to find out more

Average present = 10cm * 10cm

Presents stacked 40 * 40

40 * 40 = 1600

1600 * 1,187,500 = 1,900,000,000

6 pixels = 1 present

How big is Santas Sleigh??? All these presents in Santas sleigh

So How Big?

7,125,000 pixels

Or 73.8 miles long!

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