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The Definitive Ranking of Embarrassing Yourself at the Office Christmas Party (as told by Friends)

We're almost mid-way through December now, and that can only mean one thing- the office Christmas party season is upon us. Undoubtedly the most gossiped about event of the year, who can resist the allure of a free bar and the opportunity to chat up Kevin from accounts? Whilst everything might seem alright on the night, the morning after is anything but. Nursing a sore head and stumbling in the office feeling woozy, you also have to deal with the entirety of your office discussing last night's embarrassing drunken events.

Getting tired of arguing with your colleagues over whose gaff was more embarrassing? At Find Me a Gift, we've ranked the most embarrassing Office Christmas Party problems, so you can know what to avoid! As told by Friends, because why not!

  • 11. Showcasing your "Best" Dance Moves

    Chandler dancing

    Possibly the most common cause of embarrassment at a Christmas party. Don't feel ashamed, embrace it! They're all just jealous of your groove, ain't nobody got moves like you!

  • 10. Dance Off with Your Boss

    Monica and Ross dance routine

    By all means, challenge your boss to a dance off if that floats your boat. But just know, if that happens, you must always, always let him win.

  • 9. Throwing Up on the Dancefloor

    Joey with food on his face

    You're going to have to deal with jibes from your colleagues for months, but it's definitely not the end of the world. Hey, at least you had fun beforehand! You think, anyway...

  • 8. Urinating in Public/ Wetting Yourself

    Chandler in the fountain

    The next step up from vomiting, whilst the idea of any grown adult wetting themselves is not exactly brilliant, your gaff will inevitably be overshadowed by Barbara from Marketing's drunken meltdown at the end of the night. Has the added bonus of being easy to disguise by tactically spilling your drink down yourself...

  • 7. Having a Meltdown

    Ross crying

    The Christmas holidays can be stressful, and after a couple of glasses (or bottles) of wine it's easy for the tears to start flowing. This one ranks so highly on our list purely because every single one of your co-workers will ask you if you're alright the next day.

  • 6. Announcing your Feelings to Your Office Crush

    Phoebe's crush

    So you've been in love with Kevin from accounts since day one, and now (after 8 double gin and tonics) you've finally plucked up the courage to tell him! What could possibly go wrong?

  • 5. Snog Harold from Facilities

    Chandler and Phoebe kiss

    Sure, this one seems innocent enough at the time, but having to see that person each and every day? Awful. Realising that your beer goggles had taken over last night and you copped off with the office bore? Mega mega awful.

  • 4. Stripping

    Phoebe with her bra showing

    Absolutely under no circumstances recommended unless you look like Channing Tatum or Jessica Alba. (Actually, even if you do, do you really want pervy Clive from HR ogling you?!)

  • 3. Getting in a Fight

    Monica and Rachel fighting

    There are few things more satisfying than the idea of walking over to Lisa from accounts and telling her what you really think of her. Don't! Getting into a scrap on the dancefloor will haunt you at work for the next year, not to mention having to avoid Lisa for the rest of your working days.

  • 2. Tell Off the Boss

    Ross being cross

    No matter how tempting it may seem, resist! Unless you fancy never being promoted or given a pay rise again.

  • 1. Mistakenly Hitting on the Boss' Wife

    Joey checking Chandler out

    The ultimate office shame. There's nothing I can really do to help you with this one, if it happens, start looking for a new job immediately!

Have you done anything embarrassing on this list? Let us know!

All Friends Gifs courtesy of Giphy.