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The Best TV Mums of All Time

With Mother's Day just around the corner, it's time to start thinking of what unique and thoughtful gift you should give to your Mum to show you care. Whether you were a teenage tearaway, or have always been the apple of her eye, Mother's Day truly is a time to reward and treat your Mum for all she's done for you. Whilst we were out searching for gifts for our own lovely Mums, it got us thinking; what would we get some of our favourite TV mothers to say thanks?

After much soul searching, debate and heated discussion, we finally settled on the perfect presents for our favourite Mums of the small screen. Because let's face it, we've all got that one show where you've watched so many episodes, you're practically part of the family! As well as listing our reasons for including each character into our Mother's Day hall of fame, we've also added what present we would treat each one with, giving you a touch of gift inspiration for your own brilliant Mum. What could be better?

Marge Simpson (The Simpsons)

Mother to: Bart, Lisa and Maggie Simpson

Description: Let's face it, we can't imagine how much Marge has to deal with on a daily basis from her three unruly children- and let's not even get started on her husband! From running errands to constantly being the voice of reason, it's clear that without her Evergreen Terrace would be a wreck. However much she might seem to nag Bart and Lisa, especially when compared to the extra lenient Homer, she truly loves her children always strives to do what's best for them.

Best Moment: "Marge Be Not Proud" (Season 7, Episode 11). When Bart gets caught shoplifting, Marge is disappointed and feels distant from her son. In order to regain her love, Bart pays for a framed photo of himself to make up for the ruined family Christmas portrait.

Buy Her: Our Relaxing Spa Day for One makes for the perfect getaway for Marge. More chilled out than even Rancho Relaxo, she'll be able to get away from all that nagging and noise... uh, of a family of love.

Lois Griffin (Family Guy)

Mother to: Meg, Chris and Stewie Griffin

Description: Poor old Lois. Whether she's trying to console her unpopular daughter Meg, advise her dysfunctional son Chris, or deal with evil baby genius Stewie, Lois never seems to get much praise. Life can't be easy when your own infant is constantly plotting to kill you, but somehow Lois seems to manage it no problem, although admittedly using a mixture of denial and ignorance. We also think she's a pretty cool Mum at heart, from dating a host of rock stars to having professions such as model and news reporter.

Best Moment: "A Fish out of Water" (Season 3, Episode 10). Lois takes a despondent Meg on Spring Break in an attempt to cheer her up, and although she ends up having more fun than her daughter, we can see the thought is still there.

Buy Her: Lois can be a little bit of a livewire, so why not celebrate that fact with our Edinburgh Preserves Hot Sauce Gift Set it's just as fiery as she is!

Cersei Lannister (Game of Thrones)

Mother to: Joffrey, Myrcella and Tommen Baratheon

Description: Say what you like about Cersei, there's no denying that she's a mother that will do anything for her children. Whilst to the rest of the world, she can come across as fierce, sly and manipulative, she's strongly protective over her offspring. Her two younger children, Tommen and Myrcella, have benefitted from her love by becoming sweet and caring adults, and she did at least try and steer Joffrey in the right direction as King. We always knew that Joffrey was someone only a mother could love, after all!

Best Moment: "Mhysa" (Season 3, Episode 10). In a moment of calm when talking to her brother Tyrion, Cersei expresses the love she has for her children, "even Joffrey".

Buy Her: Our Personalised Trinket Boxes really are fit for a Queen. We're sure Cersei will be able to fill them with her ornate jewellery, or maybe even a list of her enemies.

Lorelai Gilmore (Gilmore Girls)

Mother to: Rory Gilmore

Description: If we're being honest, Lorelai Gilmore is a real inspiration to us. Not only was she a teenage mother who brought her daughter up alone, she also rejected her rich parents financial assistance, choosing instead to fight her own battles. She even manages to work whilst raising Rory, rising up the ranks from a maid to the eventual owner off the Dragonfly Inn. And let's face it, Rory turned out pretty well didn't she? Securing a place at Yale, working on prestigious internships, we'd be very proud if we were Lorelai!

Best Moment: "They Shoot Gilmores, Don't They?" (Season 3, Episode 7). This episode is one of our favourite examples of Lorelai and Rory's relationship. After experiencing heartbreak as Dean breaks up with her, Lorelai comforts Rory in the backdrop of the Stars Hollow Dance Marathon.

Buy Her: Does anyone like pizza more than the Gilmores? Our Rotating Stone Baked Pizza Maker will save them from having to order take-out yet again. After all, pizza is a lifestyle and a religion to Lorelai and Rory!

Morticia Addams (The Addams Family)

Mother to: Pugsley and Wednesday Addams

Description: Whilst she may look a little dark and sinister, Morticia is actually fiercely loyal to her family and a strong motherly figure. True, she definitely doesn't fit the traditional role of wife and mother, but who cares? She's always on hand with support and witty quips. A great role model for her two young kids, there's no denying that Morticia has a lot to deal with in that house, from Gomez to Uncle Fester and Cousin It. And she manages it all dressed head to toe in that stylish black ensemble- she gets bonus points for that!

Best Moment: Our favourite moment has got to be this classic quip, after Pugsley asks if he and Wednesday can go out and play, she retorts "In this weather? With all that blue sky and sunshine?" Now there's a mother concerned about her kids' welfare.

Buy Her: We all know Morticia has a taste for all things gothic, so this Black and Blum Loop Candelabra would make a perfect centrepiece on her dining table!

Judy Geller (Friends)

Mother to: Ross and Monica Geller

Description: Okay, we admit, Judy has her flaws as a mother. Her constant favouritism of Ross, subsequently ignoring her daughter Monica is pretty inexcusable. However, despite that, Judy does have her good points. When Ross and Monica's grandmother dies, we find out that she was very critical of Judy, a trait which has been passed down to Judy treating Monica similarly. Besides, Ross and Monica turned out surprisingly well adjusted and happy, and as the only Friends' parents, along with her husband Jack, to have appeared in all 10 seasons, that's got to count for something!

Best Moment: "The One Where Ross Got High" (Season 6, Episode 9). Who can forget the way Judy dealt with the barrage of revelations at the end of this episode? Her direct approach "That's a lot of information to get in thirty seconds", firmly put everyone in their place and diffused the situation admirably.

Buy Her: Judy is pretty much your average, stereotypical mother who seems to have it all. However, we're pretty sure she wouldn't say no to our Sphere of Life Daisy Necklace, after all, who would?

Claire Dunphy (Modern Family)

Mother to: Haley, Alex and Luke Dunphy

Description: We'll be honest with you here, we want Claire to be our own mother sometimes. Sure, she can be eccentric and a bit of a perfectionist when dealing with her family, but she's the first person we'd come to for advice in times of stress. She's an extremely active mother who relishes the opportunity to get involved with her kids' lives. And she won't dare let them say they're bored either, or else they're in for a deluge of arts and crafts!

Best Moment: "Mother's Day" (Season 2, Episode 21). There wasn't a dry eye in sight at the end of this episode when Claire's children apologised to her for ruining her special day, after finally realising what it meant to her- aw!

Buy Her: We all know that Claire's happiest keeping active and on the go, so why not appeal to her love of crafts with our Make Your Own Fabric Stag Head? It should keep her quiet for a few hours if nothing else!

Violet Crawley (Downton Abbey)

Mother to: Robert Crawley and Rosamund Painswick

Description: The Matriarch of Downton, we had to include the Dowager Countess on our list purely for the amount of excellent one liners she delivers throughout the series. Whilst she can often be blunt and cutting, it's clear that she dotes on her children and granddaughters very much, and is very kind and loving at heart. Protecting her family is almost always at the forefront of her mind, and she remains seemingly well intentioned, even when her best laid plans go astray. A product of a bygone era, Violet is a great reminder of past traditions and can always be relied upon to dispense admirable advice.

Best Moment: Whilst not strictly a mother-daughter moment, the way Violet consoles Daisy after she loses her husband William was a lovely moment on the show. It showed a softer side of Violet as she broke class structure and really listened to what Daisy had to say.

Buy Her: Violet is a lady with very traditional tastes, so it's probably best to play it safe and get her our Coat of Arms & Surname History Print. After all, we bet the Crawley name goes back generations!

Susan Kennedy (Neighbours)

Mother to: Malcolm, Billy and Libby Kennedy, Zeke, Katya and Rachel Kinski, Holly Hoyland

Description: Everybody needs good neighbours, and is there any better neighbour than good old Susan Kennedy? The mother hen of Ramsey Street, over the years Susan's opened up her home to a number of kids in trouble or with nowhere else to go. Not only is she a brilliant mother to her biological children, she also took in the kids of her late ex-husband, and even her on-off husband Karl's illegitimate daughter Holly. In 2009, Susan even became a surrogate for her daughter Libby, who was struggling to conceive- now that's a committed mother!

Best Moment: A long standing resident of Erinsborough for over 20 years, it's safe to say that Susan's racked up a lot of loving moments! However, her willingness to take Toadfish Rebecchi in when he had nowhere else to turn really melted our hearts!

Buy Her: Susan's family is her pride and joy, so why not get her our Love Photo Frame- that way she can fit in all the photos of her many kids!

Evelyn Harper (Two and a Half Men)

Mother to: Charlie and Alan Harper

Description: Being even the fictional mother to Charlie Sheen must've been a pretty exhausting task, one that we commend Evelyn Harper for. Whilst admittedly, she can at times be cynical and manipulative, she really does care for her to sons, and is always trying to help them make better life choices. Of course, whilst her sons don't always appreciate her (she's saved as number 666 on Charlie's speed dial for a reason!) we do, as who else would keep Charlie and Alan in check?

Best Moment: "Taterhead is Our Love Child" (Season 6, Episode 1). Whilst it's by no means a particularly motherly thing to say, her cutting line "Oh sweetheart, take it from me, spending time with one's children is greatly overrated" is just so sassy we had to include it!

Buy Her: Evelyn (like quite a few mothers on this list!) is no stranger to a good alcoholic tipple, so why not treat her to our Boxed Bottle of Personalised Champagne? For a gift that's as classy as she pretends to be!

Skyler White (Breaking Bad)

Mother to: Walter Jr. and Holly White

Description: Sure, there were times when we found Skyler a tad annoying, but finding out your husband was a crystal meth Kingpin is bound to make anyone a little shrill, right? By sticking right by Walt's side through it all, Skyler endeavoured to protect her children, both from finding out about their Dad's real job, to shielding them from the shady criminals Walt associated with. Skyler is also no stranger to difficult situations, choosing to have her children stay with her sister when she became fearful for their safety at home.

Best Moment: "Cornered" (Season 4, Episode 6). Skyler's big speech to Walt in this episode, where she informs him "Someone has to protect this family from the man who protects this family" really shows that no matter how much she wants to escape, she loves and values her family too much to leave.

Buy Her: By the end of Breaking Bad, Skyler appears to purely rely on a good glass (or bottle) of vino to get her through each day. Our Personalised Giant Wine Glass is just perfect for her, as not only can it fit in a whole bottle of wine, you can also write a nice little message to her, just maybe not "I am the danger"!

Lois Wilkerson (Malcolm in the Middle)

Mother to: Francis, Reese, Malcolm, Dewey and Jamie Wilkerson

Description: We've got to admit, when we first watched Malcolm in the Middle, we thought Lois was pretty controlling with a tendency to nag. However, looking back now, we realise how else was she going to manage a house full of five unruly boys! True, she could sometimes be pushy and controlling, but you get the sense that everything she did was for her sons' own good, and we just can't fault that. Especially since Hal was so laid back, there had to be some order in that house!

Best Moment: "Graduation" (Season 7, Episode 22). There are some brilliant Lois moments throughout the series, but none compare to her speech to Malcolm in the finale. Here, she inspires him to take a harder but ultimately more rewarding path in life, as she shows him just how much she believes in him.

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Lucille Bluth (Arrested Development)

Mother to: GOB, Michael, Lindsay, Buster and Annyong Bluth

Description: What's so brilliant about Lucille's approach to parenthood is that she takes a different tact with each of her children. From mollycoddling her youngest son Buster, ignoring GOB, to constantly pointing out Lindsay's flaws, she definitely doesn't take a one size fits all approach. She even adopts Annyong from Korea, and is motherly towards him despite the adoption being a PR spin. Although she claims to love all her children equally, she sometimes can't help but rank them in terms of her "least favourites"- hey, at least she's honest!

Best Moment: "Pilot" (Season 1, Episode 1) It has to be her parental honesty, best summed up with this quote: "I love all my children equally!" [Earlier that day] "I don't care for GOB".

Buy Her: As Lucille has a penchant for alcohol, it's probably best to get her our Personalised Crystal Glass & Vodka Gift Set- that way she can grab a Vodka on the Rocks (and a slice of toast!) with breakfast- it's always 5pm somewhere.

Lori Grimes (The Walking Dead)

Mother to: Carl and Judith Grimes

Description: Whilst sadly Lori didn't survive past the third season of The Walking Dead, we had to include her on our list due to her selflessness and compassion. Constantly looking out for her son Carl's interests, she prided herself on trying to protect Carl's innocence and childhood, even in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. In her death Lori still showed what a strong mother figure she was, sacrificing herself in childbirth over her baby Judith's life without barely a second thought.

Best Moment: "Killer Within" (Season 3, Episode 4). Lori's final words to her son left us in floods of tears. As she reassured him that he was going to be fine, and how much she believed in him, you could see how much she loved him.

Buy Her: All that time on the run left poor Lori looking pretty frazzled. Treat her to this Vintage Kellogg's Ladies Manicure Set so at least her nails will be left looking clean. Failing that, we guess it might come in useful when fending off zombies?