Happy Faces

You know what my favourite things are about this time of year?

Mince pies, dogs wearing jumpers, the shouty bit in that Slade song, and happy faces.

Mostly it’s the happy faces; the one your Dad pulls when he opens a gift that’s not socks, the look your mum has when she realises there’s Sherry in the cupboard, the faces your kids wear when they meet Santa and he already knows their name, the way your Nan looks when you surprise her at her house, and the happy faces you swap with strangers in the supermarket when you wish each other a Merry Christmas.

They’re not something that has to wait until the big day, we put them on with our Christmas jumpers and wear them all season long!

Unfortunately, there are times when you might have to fake the happy face. Perhaps you got an underwhelming gift, maybe you’ve been posing for that family photo for too long while Uncle Stu fiddles with the camera and everyone’s faces have set into strained grimaces, maybe Grandma just asked your boyfriend why you two aren’t married yet, or maybe you’re just a Grinch.

Here at FMAG HQ, we may be full to the brim with the festive spirit, but even we get those awkward moments too sometimes. However we’re not so good at faking those smiles. Just look at us!

Awkward Faces

What a turnout of happy faces! You guys didn’t disappoint!

We had all kinds of entries- you chuckled with your children, smiled with your siblings and posed with your pets! You gave us a fantastic range of grins, beams, smirks and delighted laughs, and we love them all. We’ve not been able to stop smiling ourselves since Friday!

Unfortunately all good things must come to an end, mainly because our cheeks are starting to hurt.

We received hundreds of entries, but I’m afraid I’m not allowed to post them all, so here are a few of my personal faves from Facebook and Twitter.

A Collection of Happy Faces

At the top, from Twitter: Hayley Elliott, Lisa Hughes, Annie, Zoe Goodwin

At the bottom, from Facebook: Kayleigh White, Philip Rogers, Jodii-Lauren Darnley, Elaine Cuthbert

Thanks so much for your submissions everyone. And look, you’ve even helped us don our cheesiest grins, hooray!

Love you lots, jelly tots!
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Happy Faces