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Unicorn Candle

Unicorn Candle

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Unicorn Candle

It's the question we've all asked ourselves at one time or another: if you set fire to a unicorn, would it melt into a rainbow? Here to answer that and any other burning questions is the Unicorn Candle, a magical, mythical creature with a lovely glow that brightens up any room - with a colourful twist.

Presumably having ingested a lifelong diet of Lucky Charms, this chubby unicorn embraces his waxy curves in swathes of largely white, but with hints of his vibrant magical interior. When the flame begins to burn, the cute unicorn slowly (and painlessly) melts away to dance with his spirit unicorn friends in the sky, leaving behind a rainbow of spellbinding colours that ooze out in a bright multi-coloured fountain. Inside every unicorn is a rainbow just waiting to get out, now you can release it into the world!

In true unicorn fashion, it's a unique, eye-catching and magical design that adds a serious sprinkle of stardust to its surroundings. You don't have to be a child to enjoy this (and you definitely shouldn't be a child to light this). Unicorn fans and people that prefer things a little on the extraordinary side will adore it. If you want to witness the birth of a brand-new rainbow, spewing forth from the mysterious interior of a rare and magnificent beast, this is the candle for you.

About The Product

  • Spark a little bit of magic and illumicorn your life
  • A phenomenal gift for unicorn lovers everywhere
  • Unleash your inner rainbow (and the unicorn's)
  • Proof that unicorns are made from rainbows
  • Releases magic for over 20 hours
  • Not suitable for miserable, hate-filled non-believers
  • It’s just so mythicandle, but it’s true
  • Unicorns are lovers not haters, but the flame will still burn
Product code: fiz171

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Loads bigger than what I expected! Bought as a Christmas present for a friend but sure she'll love it. Definitely worth the money from what I've seen of it so far.

Hannah | 15/12/17 | Collected by Find Me A Gift

This arrived in time and really happy with it was quick and easy to get, its a good present for a candle lover, and smells quite nice

Daniel Reilly | 31/08/17 | Collected by Find Me A Gift

I LOVE IT! It's bigger than I thought but it looks amazing, came in great condition it was packaged well and sent quickly. I would definitely recommend this!

Lara Askari | 05/08/17 | Collected by Find Me A Gift

This was bigger than I thought, this is beautiful I will definitely buy another one. Such an unusual gift but beautiful for unicorn lovers.

Karen Raymond | 06/06/17 | Collected by Find Me A Gift

arrived on time, bigger then i thought and made the recipient very happy look forward to seeing it burn & release a rainbows

Anthony Wright | 02/05/17 | Collected by Find Me A Gift