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Brexsh#t Toilet Roll

Brexsh#t Toilet Roll

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Brexsh#t Toilet Roll

You can literally sh*t on Brexit with this cheeky novelty gift!

Brexit has been long and hard for everyone. The British government need some of our Brexsh#t Toilet Roll to clean up the mess they have made. Luckily, you can buy yours here... for those long, hard messes that are equivalent to that of government decisions. If you've seen the rumours about the decline of loo roll, do not fret! Stockpile with Brexit toilet paper so that whenever you're sitting on the loo, you can remind yourself that you have prepared for the worst.

Or, you can buy this as a hilarious gimic (with a touch of sarcasm) for that family member who whole-heartedly thought Brexit would be quick and easy... just like those sessions on the loo that catch you by surprise.

About Brexsh#t Toilet Roll

  • Buy a toilet roll you can rely on to do the job...
  • A gimmick gift that is - quite literally - cheeky.
  • Perfect for those who do not appreciate Brexit.
  • Hilariously sarcastic for somebody who believes in the cause.

What's in the bag/box/etc?

  • 1 x Brexsh#t Toilet Roll.

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Brexsh#t Toilet Roll

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