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Flamingo Gifts and £10 to £20

When it comes to providing the very best in flamingo gifts, other retailers haven't got a leg to stand on.

Trendsetters that we are, we spotted ages ago that everyone was flocking to get their hands on great themed gifts and we made sure we built up our collection, so there are lots of different things to choose from. Whether you're looking to light up your life, ruffle up some feathers with your fabulous home decor or accessories in flamazing style, we've flown around busily finding you all kinds of gifts on the theme.

Maybe you know someone who loves the majestic and slightly awkward-looking fowls and you're stopping off here after some fruitless googling for flamingo gift ideas out there in the web. Well, consider us your lagoon, if you will. Somewhere you can rest, relax and let us take you under our wing as you enjoy a really good wander through the impressive variety of gifts we offer. Whether you've got something specific in mind like a mug, beach towel or a plush flamingo cushion, or are just winging it and looking for inspiration, you'll find everything you need right here in this special corner of the internet

The popularity of these birds is most likely due to their wonderful vibrant pink colour, making them a great choice for flamingirls (and flaminguys - accept no limits) everywhere. Their long, delicate legs and curved necks just signify elegance and the slightly bizarre habit of standing on one leg make them a quirky and interesting member of the bird world (and hey, I don't know if you heard but quirky and interesting is kind of our thing).

Shop for yourself, shop for travel, shop for the holidays or for the home - whatever area of your life you want to flamingle a little flamingo with, we can help. And if anyone ever tells you to stop impersonating a flamingo - put your foot down!

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Flamingo Slippers
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Flamingo Cushion
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