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Take things to a new level – the extreme kind with a thrilling experience that will quicken your heart rate and make you buzz for the rest of the week! Nothing will be as good as one of our many eclectic experiences that range from being suspended mid-air, feeling the thrill of a free-fall and feeling the pressure as water rocks you in a boat that you and a team of others have to command. Whatever the thrill, we are certain you won’t want the activity to end! Make the most of these adrenaline-fuelled activities and get addicted to the rush.

What activities give you an adrenaline rush?

There are hundreds of activities that get that heart pumping hot blood around your body and unleash the inner daredevil in even the most-timid of people. People opt to throw themselves out of planes headfirst, off a cliff or platform over a beautiful piece of scenery, or zip-line through trees at a height that can make you dizzy with fright.

What do you get for an adrenaline junkie?

An adrenaline junkie is after one thing whether it is their birthday, anniversary, or Christmas. The need to feel that thrill where their heart feels as though it is about to rip out of their chest before it slows to a calculated calm as a sense of serenity washes over them. They know in their heart and in their mind that they can achieve whatever challenge is set in front of them and that the thrill will be limitless. That is the feeling you want to give them which depends on the experience you buy for them. If they are an avid adventurer, they will have been brought up on seeking the thrill in the everyday and so the choices for an adrenaline experience is limited. Don’t fret! Our collection of hair-raising adrenaline experiences is sure to suit anyone who lives for a risk.

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White Water Tubing Experience
1 Location | More info
Wetsuit, helmet and buoyancy aid provided, expert on hand, Northampton, Sat-Sun.
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