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Unusual Fathers Day Gifts, under £10 and non-personalised

If your standard Father's Day gifts consist of socks, chocolate, and beer, then this year it's time for a change. Treat your dad to one of our weird, wacky, and wonderful presents, and make this Father's Day one he'll always remember.

Just what do you buy the man who seemingly has everything? Each year, Father's Day sends sons and daughters across the UK into a mild panic, as they try to get their dear old dad something more memorable and exciting than just a card. However, why not let our assortment of unique and unusual ideas guide you this Father's Day, and ensure you get him the perfect present in just a few easy clicks? From quirky wares that he'll never have thought of himself, to modern twists on old classics, we've got just the thing to make your dad or grandpa feel loved and cherished, and that's exactly what Father's Day is all about!

If your dad loves nothing more than a good laugh and a joke, then our Inflatable Zimmer Frame will be a hilariously funny way to kickstart Father's Day morning. Whether he's recently retired, or his kids have made him prematurely grey, he's sure to burst out laughing when opening this gift (before getting you back with a prank of his own)!

Of course, if you're looking to get your husband a little something from your baby or toddler, why not get him a present that really speaks to his hobbies and interests? Our BBQ Tools Golf Bag is a great gift for any golf lover, and is unusual enough to win you a few wife points in the process.

We know that some dads are fairly old school, and if you don't want to get him anything too unorthodox, we strongly recommend our Liquorice Allsorts Tree. It's a unique, cool twist on the traditional box of chocolates, and will have him drooling at the mere thought of a piece!

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Baldy's Buffer
Inflatable Zimmer Frame
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Beer Socks
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Farting Undies
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