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30th Gifts For Her and under £10

Thirty, flirty and thriving! This is the mindset that every woman approaching thirty wants, that of thirteen-year-old Jenna Rink from chick flick 13 Going On 30. They want sophistication, appeal, comfort; in essence, to completely thrive in all aspects of life. Multiple research shows that will happen. People develop friends for life in their thirties (Psychology & Ageing), sex is better than before (Natural Cycles) and we reach cognitive peak (BBC). To thrive is to be successful, perhaps with a little flirtation on the way. Thirties are the decade for complete fulfilment so make sure the woman in your life has the ultimate 30th birthday gift from us here at Find Me a Gift.

30th Birthday Gifts for Her Buying Guide

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Personalised Big Age Heart Trinket Box
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30th Birthday Signature Numbers and Pen
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Personalised Handbag Compact Mirror
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Sausage Dog Ring Holder
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Your thirties are when everything clicks together, like a light switch that lay dormant up until now. A woman in her thirties is powerful. She knows herself better than ever before and has comfort in that fact. Take a look at Reese Witherspoon, America’s sweetheart who turned 30 in 2006. She told Glamour USA:

“Turning 30 was really big for me. I feel better – so much better now than I ever did in my 20s. I am calmer; I know who I am. As a result, I feel much sexier. I don’t think I realised [in my 20s] that no one else makes you whole… You have to take responsibility for your own happiness. That took me until I was about 31 to know.”

Other celebrities who feel the same way about hitting their thirties with full force are Beyoncé, Lizzie Shakira and Keira Knightley. Women need something special to commemorate that feeling of contentment, self-assurance and the ultimate confidence. Whatever their relationship to you, let the birthday girl know how she has made a mark in this world, in your life and her own, with the 30th birthday gift she will never forget.

The list of possibilities is never-ending. Luckily, we have scoured the world in search of quirky, beautiful, thrilling and silly gifts – anything that will put a smile on her face and a happy tear in her eye. You want to buy her something that is special, something she can keep forever, whether that is a stunning piece of personalised jewellery or a silly wine glass that she will associate with her 30th birthday in many years to come.

Here are 30 birthday gift ideas for her 30th birthday:

  • Personalised Photo Jewellery Box to keep their special trinkets.
  • A special piece of jewellery that they will cherish for years to come.
  • Personalised bottle of her favourite drink so everybody else keeps their paws off!
  • A relaxing trip to the spa for a break from real life.
  • A collection of her favourite luxury makeup.
  • A bottle of exquisite perfume that oozes sophistication and fun.
  • A lavish passport cover and luggage tags.
  • Personalised Cross Bailey’s Medalist Pen…
  • To match with a luxurious notebook.
  • A beautiful first edition of her favourite book.
  • Send her to her favourite holiday destination.
  • A survival kit for her thirties. She might need it!
  • A swanky watch to keep track of her busy lifestyle.
  • An opulent set of candles for unwinding after work.
  • A designer handbag that she will cherish.
  • Swanky books for her coffee table.
  • A Personalised Travel Mug for those early morning meetings.
  • A keepsake box for all the special memories from her younger years.
  • A personalised family print.
  • Beautiful, bespoke flowers.
  • Name a star after her as she already shines herself.
  • 30 small, meaningful gifts.
  • Something from the year she was born i.e. a game, or a newspaper.
  • A year’s supply of her favourite coffee.
  • 30 of your favourite moments together.
  • Beautiful, silk pyjamas.
  • Luxurious designer sunglasses.
  • All the products to create her ultimate skincare regime.
  • A pair of Valentino’s/Jimmy Choo’s/insert designer shoes.
  • A piece of stunning artwork.

For the woman you have dedicated your life to, you want to spoil her rotten as she hits a new milestone that will change the way she looks at herself, the way she sees the world, and her view on life. To commemorate this special occasion, you want to do something outstanding, something that will sweep her off her feet and leave her breathless, even if it is something as simple as a washing the dishes… for once – a moment that she will never forget in all of the years ahead of her.

5 ideas to celebrate your wife’s 30th birthday:

  • Throw her a surprise birthday party with her closest friends and family.
  • Take her on a romantic getaway to the countryside.
  • Take over all her usual chores without complaint.
  • Lunch for two in the City of Love.
  • Fly her to her favourite city skyline in style.

Best friends are soul sisters, related through memories, passions, wine and the odd dislike for a particular thing or person. Your best friend is more than likely to have known you and loved you before she even met her partner. Plus, friends stick together when the going gets rough, no matter what. To show her how much she means to you, gift her with something special that will commemorate this special occasion.

5 30th birthday gifts with bestie stamped all over them:

  • Take her for a whirlwind weekend away, just the two of you.
  • Celebrate with a sophisticated night out on the town.
  • Have a bottomless brunch, or a boozy afternoon tea, that continues into the night.
  • Spend the evening indoors with Netflix, wine and treats.
  • Give her a once in a lifetime experience that she will never forget!

Your little girl is all grown up. Well, maybe she has been for a little while now, but that doesn’t mean that she’s not your baby anymore. She always will be; just maybe don’t say it out loud every time you see her. To celebrate bringing up this special woman, gift her with something exceptional, a 30th birthday gift she will treasure and maybe even pass down to future generations one day.

5 presents engraved with a parent’s love:

  • Personalised piece of jewellery with their birthstone.
  • A detailed family tree to show where they’re heritage lies.
  • A photo book of all your cherished memories of them, from a baby to now.
  • An entire wine collection to set up her thirties in style.
  • A helping hand with something huge she is saving for!

A woman turning thirty shouldn’t be as big a deal as it is, but with the all-consuming media, advertisements and social apps promoting the combination of beauty and youth as well as having life in tip-top shape, it is no wonder a percentage of women want to tread carefully into this new chapter of their lives – 59% of [Asian] women feel their prime age is “when they are most physically attractive” rather than when they are most comfortable in their skin (SKI-II). That being said, it is a momentous time, a time for new direction and to make new plans that only a sophisticated, fun, care-free (whoever she wants to be) woman can see through. No matter what relationship she is to you, be sure that whatever you gift her will be utterly welcome, probably with a grin and a hug. Be it little or big, sentimental or extravagant, we have you covered here at Find Me a Gift…

… because giving feels good!