Tiny Tim Book Light


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About Tiny Tim Book Light

  • The Tiny Tim Book Lights are mini reading lamps that can be used freestanding or clipped onto your book!
  • Available in red or black
  • Super bright LED light
  • Adjustable to any angle!
  • Made of plastic
  • The clip on lights measure approx 10 cm x 13 cm 3.5 cm
  • Cell batteries included!
  • Great novelty gifts and stocking fillers for ages 14 to 140!


Tiny Tim Book Light

Spread a little light on your gift buying with our Tiny Tim Reading Lights! Ideal for teenagers or adults, these miniature articulated novelty lamps remind me of the little baby lamp in the Pixar animation logo! Our mini lights can either clip onto your book or be placed by your computer keyboard with ease and are available in either red or black.

With an ultra bright LED light and adjustable angle, they are as useful as they are cute. They also make fantastic office accessories should you know any Borrowers...

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Want to read your Harry Potter book in bed but don't have a bedside lamp? These Tiny Tim Reading Lights are super useful for bunk beds, train journeys and power cuts!

What's in the box?

  • 1 x Reading Light

Product Code:  nov073

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Lisa Hiller | 26/07/2013
Fab little book light, really bright, excellent for night time reading, easy and compact to store. Bought as a gift for my friend who has just started writing her own childrens books.
wendy packer | 07/05/2013
Bought this to replace my old one as I now have a Kindle and this one fits and works with it. The fact that it is moveable is brill too!
anonymous | 23/03/2013
Some problems with on/off button but otherwise fine
nick | 03/01/2013
Excellent light bought it to use with a kindle, much better than reading lights I have had in the past
Samantha | 05/12/2012
Gift for Mum. She likes it, says it''s very cute and uses it for bedtime reading.
anonymous | 04/12/2012
product is better than i realised it would be - it was a lot brighter than expected :)
linda | 04/12/2012
smaller than expected but fine. A good stocking filler
Sophie | 11/07/2012
Does what its meant to - what more can we ask for :)
Sarah Bailey | 17/05/2012
In my hands Tiny Tim here has been through a good old testing, and he has stood up to all I have thrown at him (though I haven''t actually thrown anything at him!) I spent a lot of time pressing the top button on and off due to a slight wobble, plus daily usage for 2+ months and it''s still working a-ok! The light is bright enough to light up even the largest of books on the darkest of nights. Able to used either clipped on to a book or free standing there is all manner of situations. From reading, to writing, drawing, on a puzzle book or at your laptop.
anonymous | 10/05/2012
good item but battery didnt last very long
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Tiny Tim (black) in action. - Sarah Bailey, United Kingdom

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