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Everyday I'm vajazzling! If this is something you want to be able to proclaim we've plenty of vajazzle kits to set you on your way. It's time to add a sprinkling of glitz to your lady bits!

The rise of the vajazzling kit has been meteoric. Two years ago most of us were blissfully ignorant of the term's existence but now they're everywhere. It seems we have to thank Jennifer Love Hewitt for that. Her and the girls from TOWIE. They love a good vajazzle over in Essex. You could even say that it's the only way...

Because the vajazzle sprung up overnight it seems nobody's been able to agree on the correct way to spell it. We've seen vejazzle, vagazzle, vijazzle, vagazzel or as the West Country farmer would say, verjazzle! Crazy stuff! There's also the pejazzle, but that's something completely different. If you want to know just ask your boyfriend to show you his...

We ship our vajazzle kits UK wide as well as internationally. It's jewels, sparkles and gems all round when you shop with FMAG!